Our Team

Huguette Tremblay

Huguette earned her Physiotherapy degree from Université de Montréal, and founded the Physio Pointe-Claire clinic in 1983, where she works tirelessly to enhance the quality of care received by her patients. Since opening the clinic, Huguette has completed her training in global posture rehabilitation and earned her MBA from Université du Québec à Montréal.

Huguette also received training from the McKenzie Institute, and earned her accreditation. She considers this method to be an indispensable tool in terms of assessing, treating and educating her clients who suffer from problems related to the musculo-skeletal system.

As a Physiotherapist, she assists the multidisciplinary Physio Extra team, which specializes in the development of functional abilities.

Motivated by her commitment to helping, she focuses on the entire range of movements and their effects on the patient’s health. Huguette also practices Tai Chi and the Alexander Technique.

Grace Loud

Grace Loud began her career as a Physiotherapist at the Royal Victoria Hospital (MUHC) after earning her degree in Physiotherapy from McGill University in 1980. She was involved in quality control of administered physiotherapy treatments, and represented her department throughout the hospital.

She took advantage of the environment that was conducive to professional development to acquire expertise in the areas of patient education and the assessment and treatment of musculo-skeletal disorders.

Grace has always kept up to date with respect to her clinical knowledge in manipulative therapy, and received accreditation from the McKenzie Institute of Canada in 1995. She has been using the McKenzie Method with great success ever since, and has developed a great deal of expertise. She is very passionate about her profession as a physiotherapist, and is committed to helping her patients, young and old, to regain maximum functionality.

She is just as passionate about her volunteer work in her community.

Micheline Najm

Micheline earned her Physiotherapy degree from Université de Montréal in 2003, and worked at Hôpital du Sacré-Cœur de Montréal before joining the Physio Pointe-Claire team in 2004. She has also received training from the McKenzie Institute and earned her accreditation.

Her background in classic dance is a great asset in terms of detecting problems related to the musculo-skeletal system and their underlying causes.

Micheline’s empathic approach and dedication have led her to pursue a number of courses aimed at mitigating her patients’ problems related to persistent pain.

She has developed a preoperative rehabilitation program for hip- and knee- replacement surgeries.

Rita Yee

Rita Yee graduated from the McGill University Faculty of Physiotherapy in 1989. She began her career at the Royal Victoria Hospital. She worked at this teaching hospital for seven years, which allowed her to develop her competency in many aspects of physiotherapy, most notably including rehabilitation of the hands.

Rita joined the Physio Pointe-Claire team in 1998. Her professional training includes manipulative therapy and the Mulligan Concept, and she has received her accreditation in the McKenzie Method. Her goal is to help her clients to reach their maximum potential.